We offer top-quality van fleet risk management solutions that really deliver for you and your drivers.



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Our top quality fleet van risk management solutions really deliver for you and your drivers.


Our learning programmes have been compiled by road safety experts with a clear understanding of the latest behaviour change techniques.


The content we offer is up-to-date, relevant and accessible. It’s presented in a positive and encouraging way that inspires your people to take a pride in the way they use the road.

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Drive Smarter offers a cost-effective way for you to

  • look after your van drivers

  • identify the risks they face

  • implement workable ways to mitigate those risks, with the bare minimum of disruption to their core work tasks

  • reduce collisions, claims, carbon footprint and costs

  • protect the reputation of your organisation and brand


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The background

  • Every week, around 200 road deaths and serious injuries involve someone on a work journey.

  • The Covid-19 pandemic has led to reduced traffic levels, but also a raft of emerging risks, including extreme speeding, increased drug-impaired driving detections and defective vehicles.

  • Research shows that between 8% and 12% of employees would fail a routine alcohol or drug test. Road deaths are the single biggest cause of work-related accidental death, and are estimated to cost the UK more than £2.2 billion annually.

  • Drivers at work have collision rates up to 40% higher than private drivers.


How we can help

  • Drive Smarter helps address the Duty of Care responsibilities your organisation faces.

  • Our positive coaching and engaging messages ensure high levels of acceptance among drivers who take part.

  • Developed using proven techniques and brought to life by broadcast professionals, our e-learning modules offer an enjoyable experience for your drivers.

  • Supporting this are our risk profile tools, in-vehicle training and workshops for drivers and managers.

  • In summary, we offer an effective, low-cost way for you to promote a sustained and auditable policy of risk reduction throughout your organisation.


Our flexible risk profile

Capture information about your drivers, the vehicles they use and the journeys they make. Respond to potential risk indicators such as annual mileage driven, points on licence and journey times.

You choose the specific risk scores to be applied to different factors. This data is then stored in a user’s record… and forms part of the reporting we offer through our our administration centre.

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Training needs

Our experts can work with you to identify drivers with specific additional training needs, whether that’s e-learning modules, an in-vehicle session, a specific day of on-road coaching , an off-road or towing course.


Our learning

Central to the Drive Smarter approach is a core line-up of e-learning modules covering specific areas of fleet risk management and safety. The delivery system has been developed based on best practices for e-learning.

Each module includes:

  • a video lasting around five minutes

  • a set of key points for reflection

  • a 10-question multiple-choice knowledge check, with immediate results and feedback


Audit trail

All e-learning activity is recorded, with easily-accessible individual learning records and management reports you can access at any time.


Support for fleet managers

Our management workshops offer an insight into latest developments in technology, emerging risks and coaching techniques. These events can be provided in a physical workshop environment or through various virtual platforms.


The support you need

It’s vital that you understand, address and minimise the risks involved when your people make work journeys - either in company or personal vehicles.

You must have auditable and enforceable policies in place relating to your management of occupational road risk.


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Together we can enhance your reputation, save you money and maybe also save lives.


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