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The Benefits of Driver Training
Read about the benefits of our programme.

Are your Drivers Putting Your Organisation at Risk?
Read about your responsibilities and why you should consider providing training to your staff.

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Are your Drivers Putting Your Organisation at Risk?
Know your responsibilities
  • You need to understand, address and minimise the risks that go with your employees who make work journeys in company or personal vehicles.
  • You must have auditable and enforceable policies in place relating to your management of occupational road risk.
  • Remember: a properly-managed safe driving policy will enhance your reputation and save you money.
  • It may also save lives.

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What our programme provides:

  • Web-based e-Learning, a Risk Profile, Workshops, and in-car training.
  • A flexible programme and approach.
  • Information that is auditable and reportable.
  • Secure, database-driven technology.
  • Products that help to promote sustainability and environmental awareness.
  • A programme that is stimulating and engaging.
  • Content developed with broadcast professionals.
  • A cost-effective solution.







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