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The Benefits of Driver Training
Read about the benefits of our programme.

Are your Drivers Putting Your Organisation at Risk?
Read about your responsibilities and why you should consider providing training to your staff.

Video Section
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Ticking the Right Boxes - Let Drive Smarter Help
  • Drive Smarter helps address the Duty of Care responsibilities incumbent on your organisation.
  • Its messages are positive and never patronising, ensuring high levels of acceptance among people who take part.
  • Developed using proven techniques and brought to life by broadcast professionals, Drive Smarter offers an accessible and enjoyable user experience.
  • Drive Smarter offers a low-cost way of promoting a sustained and auditable policy of risk reduction.

Why take our programme?

  • Every week, around 200 road deaths and serious injuries involve someone driving on work related journeys.
  • Experts say between 8% and 12% of employees would fail a routine alcohol or drug test.
  • Road deaths are the single biggest cause of work-related accidental death, and are estimated to cost the UK more than £2.2 billion annually.
  • Business drivers have collision rates up to 40% higher than private drivers.
Who should take our programme?
Simply put, anyone in your organisation who drives for work purposes.







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