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The Benefits of Driver Training
Read about the benefits of our programme.

Are your Drivers Putting Your Organisation at Risk?
Read about your responsibilities and why you should consider providing training to your staff.

Video Section
Watch an overview video of our company and an interview with a leading transport expert.

e-Learning Solutions
Solutions for Long-Term or One-Off Training
The Drive Smarter system provides your organisation with SCORM compliant e-Learning solutions that offer video-based training via our web interface, along with audit and reporting capabilities via our administrator back-office application.


Option 1: e-Learn Complete
Drive Smarter e-Learn Complete offers you the ability to provide a long-term ‘drip-feed’ of information to your drivers. When selecting this option, you have the opportunity to choose 12 modules from our line-up and dictate the order in which the modules are taken. Typically, an organisation opts for an individual to take one module per month over a 12-month period. This is followed by quarterly refresher modules in years two and three.
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Option 2: e-Learn Essentials
We understand that not all organisations have the ability to commit to monthly or long-term training for their drivers. To address this, we have created e-Learn Essentials - a condensed version of our full programme, allowing participants to complete the course in around 60 minutes. Drive Smarter e-Learn Essentials focuses on the three most important factors any driver should consider: The Driver - The Vehicle - The Journey.
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Option 3: Drive Smarter Small Fleet
Drive Smarter Small Fleet offers provides you with an easy and cost effective online training programme for your small fleet. We use high-quality videos that are proven to be one of the most successful forms of learning. The programme is designed to be easy to implement and manage, and delivers content that not only addresses your duty-of-care to employees but also contributes towards reducing accidental damage costs and safer working environment.
Click here to download the e-Learn Essentials product data sheet

Subjects Covered

We have produced a portfolio of videos covering many relevant road safety subjects. Our videos feature professional driver trainers, members of the emergency services, and behavioural and transport psychologists. Our subjects include:

Proactive Driving

The Mobile Office

Speeding and Stopping

Night Driving

Bad Weather

Spare a Thought for…Motorcyclists

Alcohol…the Morning After

Self Control

The Motorway Survival Guide

Out of Town

Time Management

Green Driving

Journey planning; Vehicle safety; Fitness to drive

Driver distractions; Understanding reaction time; Minimising risk

Time and space; Stopping distances; Understanding the risks

When our eyes deceive us; Expect the unexpected; Strategies for safety

Journey planning and timing; Reduced grip, increased stopping distance; Identifying the dangers

Don’t just ‘Think bike’; Observation and anticipation; Margins for errors

Facts about alcohol; Understanding impairment; It’s all about proper planning

Coping strategies on busy roads; Identifying flashpoints early; Dealing with road rage

Safety rules; Recognising fatigue; Safety through roadworks

Who else is on the road; Using all the clues; When it’s safe to overtake

Journey priorities; Allowing enough time; Adapting when things go wrong

Easy-on, easy-off the gas pedal; Strategies for cost cutting; Correct tyre pressures, correct loading

The Goal of e-Learning
The Drive Smarter e-Learning solutions are designed to increase driver awareness and safety, leading to a potential reduction in collisions and insurance claims. This can be achieved by:

  • Increasing driver awareness
  • Promoting safer driving
  • Promoting company policies
  • Managing occupational road risk
  • Addressing sustainability and green issues

The Learning Process
We provide e-Learning in the most efficient and success-proven format. Each employee participating in the programme will follow these steps:
e-learning process
Step 1: The participant watches an informative 8 to 10 minute video
Step 2: A series of module notes based on the video are presented
Step 3: The participant takes a short test based on the video and notes




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