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The Benefits of Driver Training
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In-Car Driver Training
Hands-On Experience for Your Drivers
Our In-Vehicle Training focuses on your individual drivers, and their specific needs and capabilities, thus providing effective management of their road risk.

In-Car Training

In-Car Driver Training
Whether your employees drive company cars, vans, pool cars, rented cars or personal vehicles, the law says they should be appropriately trained to do so. Our highly experienced trainers are not there to catch out your drivers, they praise good practice and aim to identify possible areas for improvement. Every session in backed up by a written report, which can be stored in a secure database and accessed via our website.
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Overview and Content
Our In-Car Driver Training courses are aimed at assessing your drivers current capabilities, and providing useful and practical feedback. We offer training at any location, with courses usually taken at your workplace and using the drivers vehicle. Depending on the size of your fleet and your goals, we can offer assessments or in-depth training.

Our assessments can include up to six drivers each day, per trainer. An assessment will last approximately one-hour and is most popular with organisations looking to assess their fleet in the most time and cost-effective way possible. A report is then produced and will provide you with a tool to decide who should receive further training.

Our in-depth training can include up two drivers each day per trainer. The course begins with an assessment and then moves onto practical and defensive driving techniques covering all road types, from city streets to motorways. A report is then produced and will provide you with information and feedback from our trainers.

Courses Offered:
Our In-Car Driver Training focuses on your individual drivers, and their specific needs and capabilities, thus providing effective management of their road risk.

Defensive Driving

UK Familiarisation


Chauffeur Driving

Security Vehicles

Commercial Vehicles
These training courses will significantly reduce the risk of an at work driving incident. This helps to ensure company compliance with current legislation, and improves employee safety and efficiency. In addition, the safety benefits extend to all who travel with the driver, including their most valuable possessions - their family and friends.

Employees are most at risk when first driving in a new country. Laws and legislation need to be clear and understood to avoid confusion, accidents and potential prosecution.

The techniques for driving these types of vehicles vary considerably from that of standard cars. Whether using the vehicles off-road or on-road their capabilities and limitations need to be fully understood.

Our chauffeur training includes correct driving techniques and etiquette.

Training includes: basic security procedures; convoy driving and surveillance techniques. We also advise drivers on what is recognised as “reasonable force”. This ensures the driver is fully equipped both mentally and physically should a situation occur

Due to the many varied operational requirements of commercial fleets, a full understanding of your organisations operation is a must. After this is developed, a training package is produced to ensure that your fleet - and your business - operate fully whilst driver training is undertaken.





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