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Product news: Drive Smarter launches new Driver Declaration system

Find out which of your employees drive for work and how to share your driver policy

It is essential for any company to know who drives for work, and not just as part of the company fleet or the grey fleet. As part of our recently updated suite of online driver training, education and safety awareness products, we have introduced a new Driver Declaration component.

The Driver Declaration offers an incredibly easy way to survey which of your employee’s drive for work or to share your driver policy and acceptance of the policy with your entire fleet. The system, already in use by over 6,000 participants in the first month of its launch, comes with a full audit trail, automated email system, participant email alerts and reporting, and can be used as a standalone product or as part of our online driver risk profile and/or eLearning system. We have designed the system around optimal easy of use and it takes just moments to complete. Pricing starts at just £250 and is available now.

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Drive Smarter launches new Light Commercial Vehicle and Van driver Toolbox Talks DVD pack

Drive Smarter has launched a new DVD Toolbox Talk pack specifically produced for businesses with light commercial vehicle and van drivers. The training looks at subjects including slow speed manoeuvring and reversing, speed and stopping, fatigue, safety systems, distractions, vehicle maintenance and driving in different conditions. The pack contains:

  • DVD 1: Van Essentials – three films that look at the driver, the vehicle and the journey, each with a course overview, presenter notes and quiz materials – everything you need to share safety awareness with your drivers.
  • DVD 2: Additional video’s and checklists.

A preview of the content can be watched here:

This programme is ideal for any size fleet with a single-site or multi-site fleet, and can be used by any light commercial vehicle or van driver. It is also ideal for inexperienced drivers or new hires. The modules are aimed at all levels of experience from those who are new to driving a larger vehicle, through to experienced drivers. Pricing starts at just £195.

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To find out how Drive Smarter can help you implement the right programme for your company, contact us at or call us on 0845 619 7577.

Drive Smarter delivers a UK-wide workshop programme for Lovell

Aon UK Limited

Lovell, the residential construction and social housing experts, have selected Drive Smarter to present a series of driver safety workshops to their drivers based across their offices in England, Wales and Scotland.

Bruce Boughton, People Development Manager commented that “Lovell wanted to introduce driver awareness training as part of our 2015 Sustainability Strategy, with a focus on our van, company car and high mileage drivers driving both safely and economically. Drive Smarter delivered a first rate course with an excellent tutor and our objectives were more than met.”

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To find out how Drive Smarter can help you implement the right programme for your company, contact us at or call us on 0845 619 7577.

Drive Smarter to introduce new channel partner and reseller programme

Drive Smarter is set to introduce a channel partner and reseller programme. The programme will offer approved businesses with access to our fleet of driver safety products including online, workshop, Toolbox Talks and on-road programmes. It includes options for a branded or partner site, full administration system designed for managing multiple client programmes, documentation, marketing collateral, training and support.

Channel Partner
The partner programme offers a fully managed system and client support along with generous commissions on referrals. We provide support and expert knowledge throughout the sales process.

The reseller programme has everything needed to provide your clients with online, on-road, workshop and Toolbox Talks products and services, and comes with discounts for all our products and services.

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To find out how Drive Smarter can help you implement the right programme for your company, contact us at or call us on 0845 619 7577.

Product news: Van Essentials now available

Drive Smarter launches a new driver safety training programme for any light commercial vehicle fleet or van driver

Aon UK Limited

Fleets typically represent one of the largest investments for a business. Running costs can be high but many outlays from vehicle damage are often avoidable. Van Driver Essentials provides your drivers with a learning programme that offers a common sense approach to thinking about and dealing with many of the risks they could be exposed to on their journeys.

Van Essentials looks at the driver, the vehicle and the journey, and offers advice and information and resources that are useful on any journey. Each module comes with notes and a quiz, and the following subjects are included:

  • Why we are exposed to risk and what we can do to reduce it
  • Journey planning
  • Slow speed manoeuvring and reversing
  • Speed and stopping
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Vehicle safety systems
  • Seatbelts and seating position
  • Fatigue
  • Distractions
  • Driving in adverse weather

Who could benefit from Van Essentials?

This programme is ideal for any size fleet and for any light commercial vehicle or van driver. The modules are aimed at all levels of experience; from those who are new to driving a larger vehicle, through to experienced drivers.

Van Essentials is available online or as part of a Toolbox Talks package.

Find out more or request a free demo

To find out how Drive Smarter can help you implement the right programme for your company, contact us at or call us on 0845 619 7577.

Product news: A series of new modules for 2015

Drive Smarter launches six new video eLearning modules with more coming later in 2015

As part of its new online Fleet Driver Training System, Drive Smarter has released six new eLearning modules to its catalogue of video-based training resources. The six modules are part of a series being created in 2015 that will include courses for white fleet, grey fleet and van fleet drivers. The newly released modules look at the following subjects:

  • Proactive Driving
  • Driver Fatigue
  • Driver Distractions
  • Vehicle Safety Systems
  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • Speeding and Stopping

Each module comes with a video, notes and a quiz, along with access to other safer driving resources. You can watch a short overview of the modules here:

To find out how Drive Smarter can help you implement the right programme for your company, or to request a free demo, contact us at or call us on 0845 619 7577.

Client news: Babcock International Driver Assessment Training

Drive Smarter kicks off a 3-year 1:1 assessment programme for over 1,000 Babcock International drivers

Aon UK Limited

Drive Smarter has started an extensive driver assessment programme that follows on from an initial year of Toolbox Talks sessions for Babcock International. The programme will provide on-road assessments for over 1,000 drivers based across Babcock International’s multiple locations across England and Scotland.

Each driver will receive a 90-minute assessment that includes a brief presentation, eyesight and vehicle checks and then an on-road drive. Reports and certificates are then provided to each driver and their line-managers.

The goal of the programme is to provide continued driver safety as part of Babcock’s ‘Home Safe Everyday’ initiative and to help to both provide awareness to driver and to reduce potentially avoidable incidents – including costly slow speed and reversing incidents.

To find out how Drive Smarter can help you implement the right programme for your company, contact us at or call us on 0845 619 7577.


In the news: NRS appoints Drive Smarter for driver training programme

NRS Healthcare has appointed Drive Smarter to provide driver assessor training

Aon UK Limited

Image: Alison Owen, NRS Fleet Manager

As announced in Fleet News (read the article here: NRS Healthcare has appointed Drive Smarter to provide driver assessor training to operations managers across its 19 offices around England and Northern Ireland.

The training includes an initial two-day programme with a one-day follow-up to be held later in the year. It is aimed at providing the information needed to make objective assessments of individual drivers as part of NRS's ongoing commitment to safety in the workplace.

At the end of the course, each assessor will be trained to perform a 90-minute assessment that will determine if a driver requires further interventions or training - often needed when a driver is required to operate a larger vehicle than they may be used to. It also teaches assessors techniques for presenting feedback to drivers to ensure that the process is objective and positive.

Drive Smarter has worked with NRS to produce a rating system of bronze, silver and gold, with the goal of bringing all drivers to a gold standard. Drive Smarter will continue to work with NRS to provide a sustained driver safety programme through communications, further driver training and a 'driver of the year' event.

NRS fleet manager Alison Owen says feedback so far has exceeded expectations. "The initial programmes have been well received by everyone taking part," she said.

"Some of our operations managers had already received advanced driver and assessor training but they have described the Drive Smarter programme as one of the best course they have taken. More importantly, they report feeling confident that they can apply the skills learned and make a significant impact on fleet safety.

"As a leading service provider in the healthcare sector, NRS takes its corporate social responsibility very seriously. This initiative is an excellent way of demonstrating our commitment to the safety not only of our drivers but of all other road users, as well. It also shows that we can be as proactive in promoting community safety as we are at providing an efficient and reliable service to our clients."

NRS training manager Brian Barratt recently completed his initial two-day training and is keen to commend the quality and relevance of the programme. "I was most impressed by the levels of understanding shown by the Drive Smarter professionals who delivered the programme," he said afterwards. "I now feel properly empowered to use my new understanding in delivering the assessments and helping to raise standards of driver safety throughout NRS."

Drive Smarter's Andy Turner aded: "NRS has demonstrated its commitment to a gold standard of driving throughout their fleet. It is exciting for us to partner a team of such enthusiastic and motivated people. We look forward to a long-term relationship where safety is enhanced, fleet costs are reduced and risks are minimised."

To find out how Drive Smarter can help you implement the right programme for your company, contact us at or call us on 0845 619 7577.


Client news: Aon Driver Safety Programme

Online and on-road training for the leading global provider of risk management services, insurance and reinsurance brokerage and human capital consulting

Aon UK Limited

Drive Smarter is proud to be working with Aon UK Limited - the leading global provider of risk management services, insurance and reinsurance brokerage and human capital consulting to provide driver declarations, driver risk profiles, online video-based e-learning and on-road driver training to its drivers.

Drive Smarter provides Aon UK Limited with a complete Fleet Driver Safety Programme that consists of:

  • A custom developed Driver Declaration process that allows all employees who drive for work to receive a copy of the Aon policy document and global policy agreement. This information is captured in an audit trail in the Drive Smarter Driver Risk Profile system.

  • Driver Risk Profiles that assesses exposure to risk and provides a dynamically generated PDF report with feedback as to why a driver may be exposed to risk, along with tips and specific information.

  • Our video-based e-learning. Aon have selected our e-Learn Essentials programme which provides a high-level overview of the driver, the vehicle and the journey.

  • On-road assessments and training where we start with a presentation, followed by vehicle checks, an eyesight and driving licence check and then training on the road.

Leon Zacharow, Health and Safety Manager ‘Aon has a proactive safety culture that we extend to all areas of the business. Driving is one of the most important as our drivers exceed a total of 3.6 million miles each year. The programme with Drive Smarter has been in place since 2013 and we are seeing very good uptake, partly because the declaration and driver risk profile only take minutes to complete. The system also allows us to communicate our driver policy and capture an electronic signature of its acceptance and understanding in a very easily managed way; this is very important when you are dealing with such a large number of drivers.’

To find out how Drive Smarter can help you implement the right programme for your company, contact us at or call us on 0845 619 7577.


Drive Smarter set to launch new risk profile system

The newly developed system offers drivers, fleet and health & safety managers incredible ease-of-use along with comprehensive reporting

Drive Smarter is set to launch a new Driver Risk Profile system later this year. The system, developed in association with Professor Stephen Stradling, one of the UK’s leading Traffic and Transport psychologists, offers companies the most comprehensive and easy-to-use system on the market.

At the heart of the system is a risk profile questionnaire that records information about a driver, the vehicles they drive and the journeys they make. Each individual taking the risk profile first completes a simple driver declaration followed by a risk profile. They are then provided with a dynamically generated PDF containing information about each question, why it was asked and feedback to help them focus on areas where they may be able to improve their road safety. The whole process takes as little as five minutes.

Backing this up a comprehensive administration system with emphasis on high-quality reporting aligned with incredible ease-of-use. A company can set up a department or region and add one or one thousand employees in seconds. Data is then made available as each employee completes the risk profile, allowing immediate access to all relevant information. The system has been designed to meet the needs of Fleet and Health & Safety managers, as well as providing an audit trail to any organisation.

Our first customer to use the system is a leading global brand who employee over 65,000 people working in more than 120 countries. The Drive Smarter Risk Profile system will be available to other clients later in 2013 with special introductory pricing available. Contact us today to find out more.

To find out how Drive Smarter can help you implement the right programme for your company, contact us at or call us on 0845 619 7577.


Drive Smarter is working with Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Fire and Rescue Services

Risk assessments and e-Learning for members of Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Fire and Rescue services

Drive Smarter was recently chosen to provide a risk profile and e-Learning programme to support driver training for members of Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Fire and Rescue services. The programme has been devised in close consultation with driver training professionals from both organisations and is being rolled out among new recruits who may be required to drive in a non-response capacity as part of their job.

Drive Smarter's Andy Turner commented: "We are of course pleased to be the provider of choice for Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire, both of whom take driver safety very seriously. Both services have worked closely with us to ensure the programme is as relevant as possible to the needs of these drivers."

To find out how Drive Smarter can help you implement the right programme for your company, contact us at or call us on 0845 619 7577.


Drive Smarter assisting South Central Ambulance community responders

e-Learning safer driving programme for first responders

Drive Smarter is providing an e-Learning programme for volunteers who act as community first responders in the South Central Ambulance Service (SCAS) region. The programme consists of three online video-based modules, each focusing on a specific aspect of driving safety.

The first module, 'The Driver', considers a typical driver's needs, capabilities and shortcomings, as well as outlining the importance of driving to a consistently high standard and therefore reducing risk. The second module, 'The Vehicle', looks at the importance of having documents in order – particularly if using an unfamiliar vehicle - and considers some of the basic everyday maintenance checks that contribute to safer driving. The third module, 'Speeding and Stopping', sets out to explain the importance of understanding the risks involved with driving at an inappropriate speed. This could be risk to us because of someone’ else’s speed – or we may be increasing the risks to others by our own vehicle speed.

Drive Smarter's Andy Turner commented: "Drive Smarter has an excellent relationship with many emergency service organisations across the UK and we are delighted to be supporting SCAS and its volunteers in this important safety initiative."

To find out how Drive Smarter can help you implement the right programme for your company, contact us at or call us on 0845 619 7577.


Client news: Babcock Nuclear Business Unit puts over 1,000 employees through Driver Smarter online training

e-Learning for the UK's largest specialist nuclear support services organisation

Babcock Nuclear Business Unit

Babcock Nuclear Business Unit, the UK’s largest specialist nuclear support services organisation, employing over 3,500 nuclear engineers, scientists and technicians, has appointed Drive Smarter to roll out a comprehensive driver risk reduction programme for more than 1,000 of its staff across the UK.

Central to the programme is a Drive Smarter monthly e-Learning course, in which employees watch a presenter lead video, read a set of notes and complete a 10-question test. “Its’ very exciting for Drive Smarter to be working once again with Babcock Nuclear Business Unit” explains Drive Smarter's Andy Turner. “They were our very first client when we launched in 2007, and we see their decision to run this programme with us as an endorsement of our commitment to providing the best in road safety products and services.”

Any risk reduction programme stands a greater chance of success if the top levels of management support it, and the monthly e-Learning course chosen is accompanied by a specially recorded video introduction from a member of Babcock Nuclear Business Unit board of directors. The first being introduced by Managing Director, Simon Middlemas.

The programme will run throughout 2013.

To find out how Drive Smarter can help you implement the right programme for your company, contact us at or call us on 0845 619 7577.


Drive Smarter to provide assessments and training to over 400 drivers of 3.5 tonne vehicles

3.5 Tonne Vehicle Training

During January and February 2013, Drive Smarter is to provide assessments, workshops and in-vehicle training for over 400 3.5 tonne vehicle drivers for Booker Ltd. The training will take place in several regions across the UK from Glasgow to Exeter. It is aimed at continued safety and a reduction in costs by reducing both the number, and the severity of potential incidents. Each employee will receive a classroom session followed by on-road training by one of our expert driver trainers. In addition to this, Drive Smarter is to provide PR, custom workshop materials and reports.

3.5 Tonne Driver Training

To find out how Drive Smarter can help you implement the right programme for your company, contact us at or call us on 0845 619 7577.


Client Case Study: Read how Drive Smarter is training 800+ Babcock International LCV drivers

Drive Smarter Bespoke modules

Image: Drive Smarter films bespoke modules for Babcock International

Published in Fleet News magazine

Many businesses employ light commercial vehicle (LCV) drivers who may not have access to a computer. It can make implementing any type of occupational road risk programmes difficult Babcock International, who have over 800 van drivers working from 65 locations nationwide worked with Drive Smarter to produce a series of bespoke modules that are being used in Toolbox Talks sessions - helping to address their duty of care while adding to their Home Safe Every Day philosophy.

As part of the programme, Drive Smarter worked closely with Babcock International to research, write, film and produce the modules covering subjects including slow speed driving, fatigue and distractions. To find out how Drive Smarter can help you implement the right programme for your company, contact us at or call us on 0845 619 7577.

Read and download the full article published in Fleet News

You can read the article on the Fleet News by visiting this link:

You can also download a PDF version of the article: Download article

Free Podcast Series for Fleet and HSE Professionals

We have produced a series of free podcasts where we offer advice on a number of work-related road safety issues featuring leading Traffic and Transport Psychologist, Professor Stephen Stradling. In each podcast Drive Smarter offers information both for safety professionals like you and for your employees.

To listen to the podcasts, click here.

Safer Driving for Kuwait Petroleum International

Drive Smarter is proud to be working with one of Kuwait's largest companies to provide a safer driving programme for thier employees and families. The programme, aimed at raising safety awareness comprises of a number of resources icluding:

  • Developing country specific workshops
  • Providing expert speakers from Drive Smarter and partners in the UAE
  • Creating and managing a company-wide communication plan
  • Producing a series of safer driving videos highlighting a number of areas of concern
  • Providing ongoing resources including podcasts, HTML email's and online quizzes
  • Developing in-depth reports and recommendations
  • Working with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) personnel

Drive Smarter in Kuwait
Image: Professor Stephen Stradling talks at our event in Kuwait

Drive Smarter in Kuwait
Image: Traffic Scenes - part of the films produced for and in Kuwait by Drive Smarter

Drive Smarter in Kuwait
Image: The Drive Smarter team in one of the breakout sessions

To find out more or to discuss how Drive Smarter can manage your safer driving programme in the Middle East, email us here.

Free Winter Driving Video

Winter weather can bring delays, difficulties and dangers. But preparing your vehicle, planning your journey and identifying specific weather-related risks can improve your safety.

To read more or to download the PDF factsheet that accompanies the video, click here.

Blue Light Aware launches today

A NEW video, ‘Blue Light Aware’ (, is launched today by driver education specialist Drive Smarter. The five-minute video, which is available for free universal viewing, seeks to offer advice to drivers on how best to help an emergency service vehicle on a ‘blue light’ run.

The advice is based on the advice available in the Highway Code and addresses specific situations identified as causing confusion for motorists.

The video production follows a three-month consultation period in which emergency service representatives and road safety professionals were invited to provide their expert comment on how each situation should be illustrated and explained. The finished video now has the endorsement of the Association of Chief Police Officers, the Chief Fire Officers Association, the Driving Standards Agency, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, RoadSafe, the Motor Schools Association and the Institute of Advanced Motorists.

Andy Turner, managing director of Drive Smarter, commented: “Our research showed that the vast majority of road users want to help an emergency service driver. The difficulties come because it is not always clear what they are expected to do in order to provide the best help. As a result, too many members of the public are putting themselves in danger, breaking the law or risking damage to their vehicles while trying to assist an emergency vehicle on a blue light run.

“The need for a new information video has been raised frequently in recent years. The Blue Light Aware resource, with the video at its core, has been developed to reduce confusion and doubt for motorists. We are pleased to be providing this information that we believe will act as a bridge of understanding between emergency service drivers and other road users.

“Emergency service drivers make ‘blue light’ journeys because someone needs their urgent help. We in turn can help them by giving them the room they need. In so doing, we may well be helping to save a life.”

To view the video, go to

In the news: Blue Light Aware to feature on ITV Daybreak tomorrow (May 19th)

THE LAUNCH of the Blue Light Aware video and website will be given a significant boost, thanks to an item on the ITV Daybreak programme. For the feature, reporter Michelle Morrison went to Plymouth to record their own blue light run with Tom Baker, Driver Training Manager of Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue.

ITV Daybreak is broadcast on weekday mornings between 6 and 8.30am.

Blue Light Aware set to launch May 19th

Drive Smarter is thrilled by the level of support gained in the run-up to releasing the video to the public. The video follows months of careful planning and consultation involving input from more than 100 representatives of the emergency services and road safety organisations.

Deputy Chief Constable Ian Shannon of North Wales Police is the lead on Police Driver Training for the Association of Chief Police Officers. He was happy to endorse the video, saying: "This video is a useful educational tool to assist drivers to respond appropriately and safely to emergency service vehicles responding to calls for help from the public."

Other positive comments have come from a wide range of organisations:

First class and professional. It is well shot clear and edited very well. In many respects in my opinion it is well overdue as recently we have been discussing this issue with some of our local ADI drive trainers as this is not actually a competency for learner drivers, which no doubt has prompted your work! Well done.
Gareth Morgan, South Wales Police and Chairman of National Blue Light Users Conference

I have reviewed the footage and feel this can only add to the information already out there regarding how to act when confronted with a blue light situation. In fact it supports the information we have given to those ADIs in the treatment group for the ADI Trial we are currently running.
Paul Hebling, Assistant Chief Driving Examiner, DSA

This production is excellent and provides a great message. Well done.
Sgt Paul Sochon, Kent Police

It ís a good common-sense approach video.
Susan Storch, Dyfed Powys Police

I think for a 5 minute awareness video it hits the mark well. The bus lane and traffic light one is always a grey area and one which requires a common sense approach which the courts by all accounts fail to have when tested so therefore your advice is sound. Well done, you put a lot of hard work into this and it shows.
Frank Johnstone, Norfolk Fire and Rescue

Overall this film is very good, congratulations.
John Lepine, Motor Schools Association

A fine effort.
Ian Grant, Hereford & Worcester Fire and Rescue

It is a good source of information and we feel it may be a good thing to include showing this video when a person sits the theory test, that way we are getting people from the start of their driving career, as this will be shown from time to time it will serve as a refresher.
Adrian Garner, Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue

Overall in my opinion it is very good and should be of great benefit to other road users. I very much like the calming influence in the video. Well done.
Chris Harrison, Cornwall Fire and Rescue

This looks good to me. It will be a really good training aid for us as well as for the general public.
Jon Porter, South Central Ambulance

In the news: Stay cool on the road

It's happened to us all. You're driving through London, minding your own business, when suddenly a police car looms up in your rear-view mirror, its blue light illluminating the inside of your car, its siren making your heartbeat rise a little.

Many drivers' first reaction is to hit the brakes causing chaos for motorists behind. Their second reaction, however, is as infinitely variable as the number of motorists on the roads. Police, ambulance and fire crew have witnessed panic-stricken motorists crash into each other in their haste to get out of the way....

To read the article in the London Evening Standard, click here.

In the news: Blue Light Aware

Drive Smarter is producing a public information video about exactly what to do when drivers see the emergency services on a blue light run. The video is being produced by Drive Smarter with sponsorship from GEM Motoring Assist Charity and Volvo. Support is coming from ACPO. ACPOS, DSA, RoadSafe and many more organisations across the UK.

To read the article in the Telegraph, click here.

In the news: Interview with

Read our interview with where we discuss green driving, fuel savings, the financial benefits of a driver training programme and a business's duty-of-care responsibilities.

Click here to read the article.

Drive Smarter Small Fleet Launches

DRIVER E-LEARNING PROVIDER Drive Smarter has launched a low-cost programme to assist small fleets with compliance, cost-savings and risk reduction. The ‘Drive Smarter Small Fleet’ programme is designed as an affordable package, with easy to understand pricing and content, that delivers not only the required duty-of-care to employees but also contributes towards reducing accident damage costs.

Comments Drive Smarter Managing Director, Andy Turner: “An average repair costs between £600 and £1,200. But this doesn’t include soft costs such as time out of the office and administration. These costs quickly add up, even on a small fleet.

“Our programme provides a positive and engaging learning opportunity that can cut accidents and incidents, as well as reducing their severity. Green driving techniques are encouraged throughout the programme, with the potential for significant fuel savings, too.”

A Drive Smarter Small Fleet site licence costs from as little as £499 and includes an individual Risk Profile, video-based e-Learning modules, reporting, support, maintenance and updates.

Click here to find out more or for a demo contact us today.

New Green Driving Video Preview

The general trend for fuel prices is up and research shows that road traffic is the second biggest cause of global warming. Yet it would be hard for most of us to live without a car.

Drive Smarter modules always contain a message about greener driving. However, if you require an e-Learning module that focuses solely on the subject, then try our new module - Techniques for Greener Driving. Below you can preview the video but for a complete demo, including a preview of our e-Learning system, contact us today.

New Multilingual Capabilities

If your organisation has operations in other parts of the world, you may be interested in knowing that we have just launched a multilingual capability to our entire system. This means that, as well as creating videos in the language(s) of your choice, we can also translate every part of the web product (from the multiple-choice questions and answers through to the smallest error message) into any language.

Sample Images:

Drive Smarter

Drive Smarter

Drive Smarter

Drive Smarter

Why not take a look at how this works? Email us today for access to a demo module.

Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue begins
Drive Smarter e-Learning Programme

We are very pleased to welcome Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service as a new customer. A group of their staff, both front-line and non-uniform, have embarked on a three-year Drive Smarter e-Learning programme. Driver Training Manager Kevin Dell said he had chosen us because we allowed him to go a long way towards achieving compliance, while also ensuring a top-class user experience. “Drive Smarter offered us a trial of their system. I chose 20 colleagues from across the Service to take part. Their feedback was unanimously positive, and I am delighted that we were able to make a business case for purchasing a programme and introducing this style of learning through the Service. I have high hopes for its long-term success,” he said.

Client study shows the real financial benefits of our driver safety programme

We are well aware that, in today’s economic climate, it can be difficult to justify to the Finance Director that spending money on driver safety is a good idea. But why not let the figures speak for themselves! We have just completed a study, with one of our clients, to demonstrate the very clear benefit of what their Drive Smarter programme saved them, compared with what it cost them. For example, their drivers who completed the programme reported a 30% reduction in incidents, an almost 50% reduction in accidental damage costs and an average saving of nearly £400 on the cost of a motor damage claim. We would be happy to share more details of this compelling study - contact us today for a copy.

Email us today to receive a copy of the study.

Blue Light Aware Campaign: Sponsorship needed!

As a road user, do you know what to do when there’s an emergency vehicle coming past on a blue light run? The sight and sound of a police car, fire engine or ambulance tends to cause many of us to tense up and panic. The result can be that we hinder rather than help the emergency vehicle, and we also risk putting ourselves in danger. Drive Smarter is working with the emergency services to help remove that tension and panic. We will be producing a short, informative movie that sets out clearly what to do in these situations - and what NOT to do. There are currently opportunities for involvement and sponsorship. We are working towards a high profile national launch later in the year, so it is an exciting project to be involved with.

Email us today for more details..

What concerns do the public have when it comes to assisting Blue Light drivers?

Drive Smarter’s James Luckhurst assumed it would little more than whether or not to move across a red traffic signal when he put out a request for questions and comments to the readers of Good Motoring magazine. But he found there were questions on all sorts of issues, which he was able to put to Inspector Mary Chapman of Thames Valley Police, Kevin Dell of Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue and Jon Porter of South Central Ambulance. He first asked Jon Porter about how someone with a hearing impairment – and therefore a reduced ability to hear sirens - might best assist a blue light driver...

Click the Blue Light Discussion link below to hear the interview.







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