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Fleet and HSE Professionals Podcast Series - Episode 3
Welcome to our series of free podcasts where we offer advice on a number of work-related road safety issues featuring leading Traffic and Transport Psychologist, Professor Stephen Stradling. In each podcast Drive Smarter offers information both for safety professionals like you and for your employees.

Listen to the Mobile Phone Policy Podcast below:

In this podcast Professor Stephen Stradling talks to James Luckhurst of Drive Smarter about the importance of not using a mobile phone when driving:

  • “Driving is a difficult activity and when you’re on a journey, the primary task must be the driving. Any secondary task acts as a distraction, draws you from the driving and makes you more likely to be in a collision,” he says.

  • “Anticipation is central to safer driving. If you’re distracted, you’re not in a good position to anticipate quickly and correctly what might happen next. Moreover, a conversation on a mobile phone is not like listening to the radio, and it’s not like having a conversation with a passenger in the car.”

For HSE and Fleet Professionals:

  • Remind your people that it is illegal to use a hand-held mobile phone while driving. The current endorsable penalty is three points and a £60 fine.
  • Encourage those who drive high mileages to build in frequent breaks to their journeys, so that they can remain ‘in touch’
  • Stress the importance of a consistent mobile phone policy throughout the organisation, starting at top levels of management.

For Your Employees:

  • Switch your phone off before a journey. If you’re worried about missing someone’s call, then update your voicemail message and explain you’re driving.
  • If you need to use the phone on a journey, then stop somewhere safe before making a call. Engine off, handbrake on.
  • Plan your journeys so that you can stop to check voice messages and texts regularly.




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