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Fleet and HSE Professionals Podcast Series - Episode 4
Welcome to our series of free podcasts where we offer advice on a number of work-related road safety issues featuring leading Traffic and Transport Psychologist, Professor Stephen Stradling. In each podcast Drive Smarter offers information both for safety professionals like you and for your employees.

Listen to the Definition of a Good Driver Podcast below:

In this podcast Professor Stephen Stradling talks to James Luckhurst of Drive Smarter about the definition of a good driver:

  • "The best acronym, I believe, is COAST. Concentration, Observation, Anticipation, Space and Time,” says Stephen. “Concentration means paying attention the primary task of driving and not being distracted by things in the car or out of the car. Observation is all about knowing what to look at and what to look for.” says Professor Stradling.

  • "Anticipation is the core of the matter. What might happen next, or what could possibly go wrong – and if it does, is the driver ready for it? If you need to make a manoeuvre to avoid trouble, the more space and time you have to keep yourself safe and to keep those around you safe, the better.”

For HSE and Fleet Professionals:

  • Help your colleagues to identify the qualities that go with being a good driver.
  • Encourage them to refresh their understanding of the rules of the road.
  • Help them schedule their programme to account for speed limits and managing fatigue.

For Your Employees:

  • Keep ‘anticipation at the core of your driving. Banish distractions to ensure your focus, while driving, is entirely on the driving task.
  • As you drive, ask yourself ‘what could possibly go wrong?’ Then ask whether you could stop safely if anything did go wrong.
  • Don’t risk running out of time or space.




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