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Fleet and HSE Professionals Podcast Series - Episode 6
Welcome to our series of free podcasts where we offer advice on a number of work-related road safety issues featuring leading Traffic and Transport Psychologist, Professor Stephen Stradling. In each podcast Drive Smarter offers information both for safety professionals like you and for your employees.

Listen to the Young Drivers in the Workplace Podcast below:

Professor Steve Stradling tells James Luckhurst of Drive Smarter why it makes sense for employers to have specific safer driving systems for young employees:

  • “The first two years after passing your driving test bring an elevated crash risk. Novice drivers need special attention, such as graded exposure to complex situations (driving at night, motorway journeys or bad weather scenarios). Finding unfamiliar routes to places are the kind of things they will be asked to do when driving for work,” explains Stephen.< /p>

  • “I think employers should attempt to put in place a targeted system for aiding young people required to drive. The big benefit is that this would encourage loyalty among staff as well as reducing crashes, fuel bills and costs.”

For HSE and Fleet Professionals:

  • Identify the young drivers in your organisation, and ensure you identify the specific risks they may be exposed to.
  • Give them useful information on what to do if something does go wrong. Be sure they know who to contact.
  • Keep records of individual young driver experience, and create opportunities to improve performance and reduce risk.

For Your Employees:

  • Take seriously the combined risks of being a young driver and being on the road for work.
  • Take a pride in your driving, in the way that you take a pride in other areas of your work. Being the best means being the safest, and the least risky.
  • Try to reflect on aspects of a journey – and learn to identify where you might have been at risk.




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