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The Benefits of Driver Training
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Are your Drivers Putting Your Organisation at Risk?
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Risk Profile
Built to Reflect Your Risk Factors
Our risk profile tool collects pertinent, fact-based information about a driver, and provides your organisation with data to decide who your high, medium and low risk drivers are, based on your own internal risk factors.

Risk Profile

Our Risk Profile Tool
As risk factors differ from organisation to organisation, we offer a flexible tool that captures information about the driver, their vehicle and their journey, and flags certain factors such as annual mileage driven, points on licence, and journey times. A different risk ‘score’ is then applied to these factors, based on information provided by you. This information is then stored in the user’s record and can be reported through our administration centre.
For example: Company A considers (factor A) drivers with an annual mileage of 30,000 to be a high risk but does not consider (factor B) driving at night to be a risk. We would flag factor A and put this in the high-risk category of the user record, and this would show up on their report. However, Company B considers both factors to be a high-risk, and so they both are flagged as high-risk and show up in the high-risk category of the report.
This information can then be used to decide further training options and therefore reducing the risk to the organisation.
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