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The Benefits of Driver Training
Read about the benefits of our programme.

Are your Drivers Putting Your Organisation at Risk?
Read about your responsibilities and why you should consider providing training to your staff.

Video Section
Watch an overview video of our company and an interview with a leading transport expert.

The Drive Smarter Approach
We have taken a modular approach when designing our products, with customisation in mind. This allows us to work with your organisation to meet your individual situation and needs. We can deliver any form of training using our flexible delivery system, providing the same excellent audit and reporting capabilities as our off-the-shelf products.

Our Services & Capabilities
Flexible: We are able to work with you to produce the kind of programme that best meets your requirements. We are also aware that internet security is important to your organisation. To address this concern, we can easily host our e-Learning solutions behind your firewalls if needed.

Custom content: Our delivery system works with any form of content. We have the in-house capabilities to create content specific to your needs.

Video production: Our in-house video production capabilities allow us to produce custom video content such as introductions from your directors at the beginning a module, or content featuring your vehicles and locations.

Multi-lingual delivery: Our system was designed with the requirement for multi-lingual delivery in mind. We are able to customise text in both the user interface and the course content, as well as providing videos in the language of your choice (this requires additional voice-over and/or filming).

Technical expertise: Our system was developed using industry standard technology. We can work with you to deploy the system behind your firewalls, and provide technical assistance where required.

Compliancy: Our system is SCORM compliant.

A pool of expert trainers: Our Safer Work Driving Workshops are delivered through our trusted network of expert trainers. Training people can be a daunting task – especially where driving is concerned. We believe our experts are exceptional, both in their ability to connect with individuals from all kinds of backgrounds, and in their commitment to present positive risk reduction messages. No finger-wagging, no patronising. Our workshops provide your employees with the tools and information they can transfer to all their driving situations.

Industry knowledge: Drive Smarter is proud of its association with a number of emergency services organisations who have helped us develop elements of the content of our modules. We also pride ourselves on our industry ties across Europe.  

About our Delivery System
We developed our delivery system based on best practices for e-Learning. Our e-Learning products follow the same successful method: watch a video – read associated notes – take a test. We can delivery any kind of content using this method – from pursuit driving for the emergency services through to training for any Health & Safety subject. And remember – everything is tracked and recorded in our secure back-office administration centre. Although we specialise in driver training, we are by no means limited by this. Call us today to discuss your e-Learning needs.

Drive Smarter Delivery System

Other Services
DVD Sales: Contact us about purchasing our modules on DVD.

Policy Consultation: We partner with a number of consultants (including ex-police driver trainers) who can provide your organisation with consultation services to create and manage a road risk policy. Talk to us about your policy needs.

Driver Licence Checks: Talk to us about driver licence checks for existing and future employees
Risk Profiling and Aptitude Tests: We partner with a leading provider of risk profiling and aptitude assessment tools. Talk to us about your risk profiling needs.




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