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Winter Driving
Be prepared.
Winter weather can bring delays, difficulties and dangers. But preparing your vehicle, planning your journey and identifying specific weather-related risks can improve your safety.

Watch our Winter Driving video and download the factsheet.
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Driving in snow and ice:

  • Skidding is the most obvious danger, so drive carefully and smoothly. When steering, accelerating or braking, do it gently.
  • Set off with a completely clear windscreen and all traces of snow and ice removed from your windows.
  • Avoid any sudden manoeuvres. This will minimise your risk of skidding.
  • Set off on snow in 2nd gear with minimal revs. If you canít get the grip you need to move off, try rocking back and forth between 2nd gears and reverse a few times to build momentum.
  • If you sense your car is starting to skid, then lift off the accelerator or brake and steer gently in the direction of the skid.
  • Be particularly wary of driving on bridges, where road temperatures can fall quickly. Other shady areas may well remain icy much longer than stretches of road that are more open and exposed to sunlight.
  • If youíre driving in snow, try not to follow in the tracks of other vehicles. You are less likely to skid in fresh snow than on compacted snow. Set off with a completely clear windscreen and all traces of snow and ice removed from your windows.




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