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The Benefits of Driver Training
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Are your Drivers Putting Your Organisation at Risk?
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Video Section
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Safer Driving Workshops
Classroom Training Across the UK
Drive Smarter offers half-day and full-day workshops focusing on the three most important factors any driver should consider: The Driver - The Vehicle - The Journey


Each workshop covers a variety of subjects, including: what makes a safer driver; journey planning; basic maintenance; recognising the risks on a journey;  self-control; observation and anticipation skills and greener driving. In addition to our off-the-shelf workshops, and by taking a modular approach, we are also able to customise workshops to meet your exact requirements.

What makes our workshops different
As well as being engaging and effective for your staff, we offer the option to record all the data from the tests performed during the workshops, and provide you with your own audit trail in the form of a database accessible via our secure website. With this option, you will have the ability to run management reports and export the data for your own internal use. This not only allows you to track progress and analyse the need for further training, but it will also aid your organisation if you need to provide proof that you performed duty-of-care in the event of legal action relating to a collision.
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The Goal of our Safer Work Driving Workshops
Drive Smarter Safer Work Driving Workshops are designed to increase driver awareness and safety, leading to a potential reduction in accidents and insurance claims. This can be achieved by:

  • Increasing driver awareness
  • Promoting safer driving
  • Promoting company policies
  • Managing occupational road risk
  • Addressing sustainability and green issues

Overview and Content
We offer three types of workshops: half-day, full-day and bespoke. All workshops revolve around the driver, the vehicle and the journey, and are delivered by our trainers through a series of short presentations, videos, exercises and discussions. We offer the option of adding tests at the end of each module, and providing you with access to an administration centre where you can view and analyse the results. This is an excellent way to track an individual’s knowledge and assess their needs for further training.

Bespoke Courses
Bespoke course follow the outline above but the content is defined by you, the customer. We offer a number of modules that we can include on a bespoke day including: Driving at Night; Motorway Driving; Green Driving; Spare a Thought for Motorcyclists and many more.

Workshops can take place at customer premises, however we can work with you to arrange off-site training at an additional cost. All workshops are restricted to 20 participants. All workshops can include training materials. DVD’s and database creation can be purchased separately.




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